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How to build a restaurant website?

If you have decided that your restaurant needs more than a usual Facebook page then your own website is a great option. You have two main variants:

  1. You can order the website’s creation in a web-design company or freelancer.
  2. You may create a site by yourself using the help of web designers.

About the ordering of the website in the webdesign company or freelancer

The main advantage is that you aren’t limited in possibilities. You will have you dream website with all the options, functions and design.

If you want online shop service, for the delivery of your products, you will get it. If you want a system of booking tables online and tickets’ sales it isn’t a problem. If you need a blog or forum, unique design, moving graphical elements, almost everything is possible. Just pay the money and you will get it.

The main disadvantage – it is expensive. The prices for the company work starts at 500$. The average cost is 1000$. In case you want something special, you will spend minimum 1500$.

If you don’t want anything exclusive, and you will be satisfied with usual design of your website, you may save a great sum of money.

Website templates

Nowadays, you may find plenty of sites, where you may choose ready-made templates for your restaurant from the hundreds of templates. The most widely used are: and

Web-designer simply fills this template with your pictures, information and contacts. And that’s it! You are saving money on design, but in order you are getting a good result. You save money and get your own website. The last thing to remember is the payment for the hosting and domain, for your website to appear in the Internet.

Template website’s cost starts from 250$ and ends with 700$.

Templates are 50-70-100$

Some changes in the template are 150-300$

Domain and hosting for a year is nearly 90$

Can I save more money without losses for the site? Yes, you can. You may create your site on the aid designers of websites.

Site for your restaurant on Website Builder

Today, there exists a great range of online services, which can help you to create a website, even if you aren’t a specialist in the field of web-design. These online website builders have a catalogue of templates that can be used as a base for the creation of your site. The only thing you should do is to fill template with the pictures and texts in the administration system.  You can make a couple of pages; setup blog and online shop.

All these services have free trial period. And this is very useful, because you have time to decide if it’s right for you, or you need something else.

Popular online website builders are:,, etc. The specialized services for restaurants’ sites are:,,, and others. The whole list of special services for the restaurant’s site is in our article.

Low price is the main advantage of such website builders. Site’s creation is totally for free. You make everything by yourself in the administration panel. You are paying only for service usage and hosting. The minimal prices may be 100$ per year. Professional rates give more possibilities, but the costs may be up to 600$ per year.

For the bars and restaurants websites, it is better to use online services and not to spend huge sum of money on the web-designers because:

  1. It is cheaper. Some templates are even for free.
  2. You get good modern website. All the restaurants’ websites have nearly the same structure and functions. And all these are already in the service. That’s why, in most cases you shouldn’t search for the professional web-designer or company.
  3. If you don’t want to understand all the details of a service functional, then you may order the improvement of the template in the support group. It will cost you additional money which starts from 100$. But if you aren’t planning to update your website and you have no time to learn about the system, then ordering of the improvement in the service is a nice choice. support group can even create your website totally free! The only thing you should do is to send your texts and photos and write some wishes about the design.

But are there any disadvantages of these services? Sure. They are:

  1. You cannot make any your desire. All services have a standard structure and functional. You are quite limited with possibilities.

To justify this, I may say that services are made for typical sites. And they are created with the modern requirements for the structure, design, functional and usability.

  1. You should spend your affords and time to understand the service, write texts, prepare photos, and to make a good design for your website.

Now you have all the need info for the right choice. You should only start:


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23 February 2017 by Yuri Salmanov
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