free website for restaurant within 15 min

How to create a free website for restaurant within 15 min.

If you want to create a website quickly and to show it your partners and customers, if you don’t want to devote much time for creating your website, if you want to create your website free of charge – this article is for you. The article presents 4 simple steps in details and tells about the way to avoid the loss of time and efforts and get faster results.

  1. Choose the service to create your own website.

To avoid paying money you will have to refuse designers, programmers and other studios and freelancers. You have to do everything yourself. There are a lot of online services – website builders, which will help you to create your own website.

As a rule, website builders are universal. Such builders help people to create own websites for different business spheres: lawyers, building companies, online shops, dentists, etc. Website builders have a lot of settings, buttons and sections in the control panel because each business sphere has its own characteristics and requirements, which are different in form and content. To help everyone it is necessary to provide a lot of different functions. Even studying of these functions may take several hours.

Some website builders have the ready-made solutions for individual business spheres, including templates for restaurants websites, this is better than “website builders for all”. But when looking at the control panel, we can see the same problem – the complexity of instruments, because originally the builder was offered for all. That’s why when choosing the template for restaurants, you risk to spend a lot of time to study the service toolbar.

Therefore, such universal website builders, even with templates for restaurants, are not suitable for our purpose. What to do in this case? It is better to choose the dedicated website builder for restaurants. The service the most convenient service for quick restaurant website creation, because it was created exclusively for the restaurants specifics. Besides, its control panel is extremely simple in use.

  1. Choose the website address

Register at the website builder for restaurants here.

Specify your contact e-mail, which you will receive a registration message to. Choose the password according tp which you will edit the website. Choose a domain, this is the website address which will be used to find your website on the Internet. If you want to get the website¬† address quickly and free of charge, your address will have the next look: Enter the name of your restaurant and click the button “Get free website” button. The website template ready. This is convenient one-page website. It remains to fill it with your content.

  1. Prepare information.

The template has some images and text for an example to show what information sections are there on the website. All of them should be replaced by your own. Which sections does the website have?

The first screen has the photo and text. You can post there a photo of your restaurant or a beautiful picture of tasty dishes. According to your wish you can post only one picture.

Section “About” has a few words about the restaurant.

Some sections in the template can be turned off, for example, if you do not want to display section with your best dishes or you do not have a Facebook page, and you do not need this plugin.

Event announcement picture. You can download it from the Internet and add your own explanation.

Gallery – take a few pictures of the restaurant or upload those ones you already have.

Menu – take pictures of your menu or scan it.

Our dishes – if you have the photos of your dishes, upload them. If not, it will be better to turn off this section to create the website within 15 minutes. This section is not vital for the website, you can fill it later.

  1. Fill the website.

Upload the photos and pictures on the website. Post the necessary information about your restaurant, fill the contact details, select your location on the map.

Website background. You have a great possibility to choose different background textures on the website. Besides, you can download your own beautiful pictures. But if you hurry, it is possible to set universal, the most commonly used background colors – white or black.

That’s all, your website is ready. If you have some photos of the restaurant, menu or dishes, 15 minutes is enough to upload them on your website.

You can improve and refine it every day. And right now you have presentable fine website. Furthermore, you have created it absolutely free of charge and now you have 10-day free trial period. It is enough to show your website everyone you want.

What’s next?

You can send us email and our designers improve your website design free of charge.

When the trial period is over, it is enough pay the website host which costs 6,5$ per month. And now you have a great stylish beautiful website.

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23 February 2017 by Yuri Salmanov
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