Why does your restaurant need a website?

There are 7 main reasons:

You may have a small restaurant or bar, you have the devoted clients, and the business goes pretty good. That’s why you haven’t decided yet:  if you generally need this website. So, let’s discuss the main points.

You have already found out the important info about the site’s functioning. What can be changed after the creation of the website?

  1. You can give your clients more detailed information about your services, and in such a case you present reasons for your customer to visit you. Nowadays, prior any attendance, people want to know about: the prices, the interior, entertainments which are organized; and at least they want just to take your calling card. Not all customers will spend such precious time on finding out the needed info. Usually, person goes to the restaurant which he/she has already visited. It is also possible that client will search only the nearest places. When you have a website, you may show how good you are, your reasonable prices, entertainment programmers, your contact numbers which the help of which it is possible to reserve a table or to ask any questions.
  2. You will see new faces, of those who didn’t know about you and have never visited you. But he/she has found you in the Internet. Who are they?
    May be they are individual tourists, who choose the best place to eat or just spend the marvelous evening. They may plan everything beforehand, sometimes even prior the visit of the city. Or they may find your bar spontaneously, just by finding the right advertising on the iPhone.
    Groups of tourists usually plan where to eat during the excursion. So, guides or tourists agencies may surf for the restaurant’s website, because they are interested in the profitable partnerships.
    Local clients, who know  your business, but have never been at your place.
  3. With an active website you are getting a unique chance to invite customers to a special event, such as: concert, football match, or celebration of any kind. Because usually only devoted clients know about them. And with the advertisement, you may notice people who haven’t been here for a long time, but when choosing from a great list of clubs/restaurants/ bars they preferred your place. In the day of a special event, there will be more customers, and you will earn more. And after one good spent evening people will return to you again and again.
  4. Moreover, you give clients a chance to recommend you to others. With the website appliance, it is easier and quicker, you should only post link. It doesn’t need any additional explanations about the prices of the restaurant, its location, and the atmosphere in general.
  5. You higher the restaurant’s prestige. It is obvious that a new client will choose a restaurant with a much reputable site, in comparison with those who have no website.
  6. You also increase the average check. How can it be possible? It is very simple; you just say that when you are purchasing several bottles of beer, one can be got for free. Or any customer, who will come with a friend, will definitely get a bonus. Or the restaurant has “a new dish”, “present for the birthday” – it can be anything which you can imagine. If a person is not informed beforehand, he/she may be upset, because he/she hasn’t taken enough money, or hasn’t taken friends. The website can solve this problem and tell about all the good offers. And the person comes to you, with an aim to spend more money.
  7. More possibilities for advertising. Business cards, advertising materials, catalogues, pages in the social networks, in each of these you should specify your address, telephone, and of course website. People, who know your website, may be more informed about your pluses and they will definitely visit you.

So, if you have read this article, and you have made up your mind to create a website, the next question will be: how can I create a website for my restaurant? We will answer in the next post.

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23 February 2017 by Yuri Salmanov
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