Restaurant website colors – 15 great free tools

One of the first decisions to make when creating a website is: what colors to use? Which color for background and which for letters? These questions are especially topical if you are not hiring a web designer but creating a website yourself in website builder and deciding on the color palette.

Website builders usually solve this problem by offering ready-made templates. You just choose the one you like and add your pictures and text. But there are often up to  50 templates, and there are a lot more websites created on website builders. As a result, we get loads of websites with similar design. Do you want your website to look like hundreds of others? If you don’t, you have to become a designer yourself – for some time.

We are going to make your task easier. In this post you will find out about some online-services that can help you choose the colors for your new website.

Get colors from other websites

The easiest way is to look at the websites of other restaurants. You will surely find some that you like. So, you have 3-4 interesting examples with nice colors. And that’s when Web Colour Data website can help you.

Fill in the address of the website you liked into the search bar, and you’ll get the palette of all the colors that were used there. Each color has its own code. Copy it and set it on your website.

Get colors from a picture

ColorHunter service works similarly to the previously mentioned website. The difference is that here we can get color codes from a picture or photo. This is useful when you have a nice stylish picture which sets the scene for all colors of the website or if you want to use the colors of your restaurant or interior on the website. In this case you have to take a few pictures, upload them on ColorHunter , find out the color codes and set them on your website.

Use professional tools

There are certain rules of color combination. If you want to combine all the colors yourself and do it professionally, use Adobe Color CC.

You can choose a rule that you like most on this website and select a palette correctly combined according to this rule.

Want more options?

Sometimes you’d want to look at ready-made palettes and find some interesting and unusual combinations. ColourLovers will help you with that. Here everyone may suggest their color combinations. There are already so many palettes that you may spend hours choosing one. This website also has a more professional tool called Copaso. It’s similar to Adobe Color CC we mentioned above, but, in our opinion, it’s more advanced to use.

Any other useful websites?

The websites we listed here should be enough for your work. But if you want to get more information and useful software, here are some more links that may also be interesting.

On Material design palette you can choose 2 basic colors, and the system will offer different palettes on their basis and also recommend which color should be prevailing, etc.

COLRD – beautiful pictures and corresponding color palettes.

Colorotate – complicated at first sight, but an interesting tool for palette selection.

Colorblender – this service offers palettes based on the color you set.

Colormunki –we are interested in this service because it clearly shows the tones of the selected color.

ColorExplorer – many settings for work with colors for advanced users.

Color Wizard -The color wizard will return a range of matching colors.

Pictaculous – upload a picture and get a palette of its colors.

Colorspire – when you are choosing a color, it will be shown in a draft template of a typical website page.

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20 February 2017 by Yuri Salmanov
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